Grand Prix Style, Team Endurance Racing, Public/Corporate hire & Practice Sessions. Scroll down for details of the types of kart event we host.

Kart features

Border Hire Kart Racing - Hire Karts
  • Low centre-of-gravity racing chassis
  • Subaru 211cc auto-clutch engine
  • Anti wheel interlocking side pods
  • Rear disc brakes
  • Full width front & rear safety bumpers
  • Racing slick tyres
  • Fitted with a computerised Supersport lap timer for Grand Prix-style & Team Endurance Racing



Choose from Grand Prix-style Kart Racing, Team Endurance Racing or book your own Practice Sessions (also for children aged 10 and over).


Grand Prix-style Kart Racing

Race karts and gain points over a fixed number of heats to reach the final.

  • Minimum age – 16 years
  • Maximum of 12 karts on the circuit at any one time
  • Supersport computerised lap timing
  • Suitable for groups of 6 or more drivers

All drivers will begin with at least 5 practice laps.  Grid start positions will vary during your heats & final grid positions will be decided by the amount of points each driver scores during their heats.  Top point scorers will be eligible for the A-final. The remaining drivers will compete in a B/C-final (The number of finals is determined by the size of your group).  ALL DRIVERS WILL COMPLETE THE SAME NUMBER OF LAPS.


Team Endurance Racing

Team endurance kart racing within a fixed time limit.

  • Minimum Age – 16 Years
  • Maximum of 12 karts on the circuit at any one time.
  • Supersport computerised lap timing.

Team Endurance Racing is a continuous race for teams to complete as many laps as possible. Team members will have 5 minutes practice. Teams will carry out their own pit signalling for driver changes at intervals of 8 minutes. Team Endurance racing is suitable for teams of between 2 and 4 drivers.  On screen computerised lap scoring is available and displays exactly how each team is doing throughout the race.



Practice Sessions For Children/Small Groups & Individuals

  • Minimum Age – From 10 years